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Aptos, Calif. - March 4, 2007 - Ceboa® today announced the release of Ceboa® 2.0

"Ceboa® 2.0 has been formally launched and no longer in beta release," said Ron Franke, CEO. "Ceboa® received good support, positive feedback, and numerous improvements based on beta users participation in the program. A major enhancement is in the user interactions with Ceboa® features, employing a tabbed approach to accessing features. In addition there have been significant improvements in usability especially in minimizing the actions required to accomplish some feature activity."

Ceboa® is specifically focusing on satisfying the needs of independent business professionals, which are generally sole practitioners and businesses with less than five people in the office. In addition, Ceboa® supports business professionals that want more control over their business information and not willing to rely on corporate resources. These independent business professionals include attorneys, architects, real estate agents, construction and landscape contractors, and designers, to name a few professions. They provide a professional service, often licensed to do so, and bill their customers for their time and material required to complete the service.

"We decided to focus on what we call the 'independent business professional' because these individuals have unmet needs that Ceboa can easily satisfy," explained Ron Franke. "These individuals take charge of their life, their business, and their activities. They are smart, knowledgeable, mobile, independent, and goal oriented, and, are competing in a rapidly changing and very competitive environment. They are sole practitioners and small business owners that struck out on their own because they wanted to run their business their way. They wanted to service their clients better than they could working for a larger firm. They wanted to establish better practices and more effective client relationships. They wanted to take control of their future."

Independent business professionals have unique needs which are neither satisfied by any other web based tool, nor are they satisfied with complex, expensive, and disconnected business applications installed on a fixed PC locked at a single location. Independent business professionals need resources to simplify their business life, reduce business operations and overhead expenses, and provide more flexibility. Simply, independent business professionals need more time and flexibility to do what they really want to do which is to provide services to their client. A small firm needs to be nimble, control costs, and be very flexible. They need easy to use business tools to control operations, manage expenses and invoices, enable business to be conducted from anywhere easily, and, they need to simplify their life. Many business activities are away from the office and you need control of and safe, secure, and private access to your critical business and client information where ever you are and from any web-enabled device.

There are about 25 million businesses in the US, based on 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics findings. Of that, 20 million of these businesses have 9 or fewer employees, with over 18 million businesses being sole practitioners, such as attorneys, architects, construction contractors, and professionals in real estate sales and property management. While it varies by profession, sole practitioners constitute about 50% of active members of a given profession, and, another 15% are in offices of less than 5 people.

Ceboa provides the basic business needs of independent business professionals, by:

Ceboa benefits for independent business professionals by giving them:

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