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Aptos, Calif. - June 6, 2006 - Ceboa® today announced the release of Ceboa® 1.0

Work Informed?, Inc. has released a beta version of Ceboa® which is the only web-based solution specifically designed for independent business professionals. "Ceboa® provides information mobility, privacy, and security with anytime and anywhere access to business and personal information," says Ron Franke, CEO. "Ceboa® frees individuals from the constraints of a specific location and computing or storage device. Ceboa® enables users easily manage personal information and files - including documents, images, video, and audio. With Ceboa®, users can easily create and share web content and create eBooks."

"Ceboa® is designed to simplify the life of our users by giving then maximum flexibility and control over their information," explained Ron Franke. "Users can easily access and manage their information anytime from anywhere using any reasonable web-enabled device. Ceboa® was derived from the technology we developed for our enterprise product WIN Insight. We took the best features for personal information management and tailored them to the unique needs of individual business professionals that want and need access to critical personal and business information where ever they are in their busy day."

Ceboa® has the following capabilities:

Store Files
Upload and store files for later access and download. You can store documents, pdf files, audio, video, and images, for example. Thus, anything that can be digitized can be stored, which means that storage of personal information is unlimited.
Store and View Photos
Upload images and store them in one or more photo albums. You can create a descriptive text and title for your photo albums and for the images in the album. An image viewer gives you an easy way to view your photo albums on-line.
Notes, Articles, and eBooks
Ceboa®'s Article Editor is a secure wiki-like editor, designed and built by us, that lets you easily create and update information. Using Ceboa®'s Article Editor, in combination with Ceboa®'s File Library and Image Manager, you can create visually appealing and informative web pages with nicely formatted text layouts containing images, video, audio, and links to other articles, web sites, and files. This web site is an example, as are the examples in the right sidebar. This way users can organize information that is usable and meaningful to that user.
Optionally publish your notes, articles, and books. An example is the content of this web site which is created and published using Ceboa®.
Day Planner - Calendar
A fast and simple way to schedule your activities and appointments and view your information by day, week, and month. You can create your own set of event categories, set a priority, and, optionally associate an event with a specific time.
Contacts - Address Book
Create address and contact information of individuals and businesses. You can send an e-mail from the address book, and, get a map to the contacts location.
Maintain an organized set of information on one or more ToDo lists. You can create ToDo lists for specific topics, such as business or personal ToDo's. You can create your own set of ToDo categories, set a status and priority, and, optionally associate a ToDo with a specific date or time.
Maintain information about purchases and expenses associated either with an event or simply associated with you. You can maintain information for mileage, ad hoc purchases, services, travel, and transportation.
Maintain information about your assets, such as art work, cars, boats, recreation vehicles, items for insurance purposes, valuables, and collections.

Founded in 2000, Work Informed?, Inc. is privately held with corporate headquarters in Aptos, California. Information about Ceboa® is available at

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