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Aptos, Calif. - July 17, 2008 - Ceboa® today announced the release of Ceboa® 5.0

"Ceboa® version 5.0 introduces an additional business resource for our users by providing integrated business financial account management resources," said Ron Franke, CEO. "Ceboa® 5.0 enhances the existing expense management capabilities for invoice expenses and billing, and for accounts payable, by enabling financial account reconciliation for income, expenses, and tax estimation. Ceboa® has been able to extend these new capabilities while remaining true to its focus on the needs of the independent business professional and the overall goal of providing simplified and easy to use web-based business resources." The new features in Ceboa® 5.0 include:

The Financial Accounts feature provides a quick and easy to use resource to manage traditional financial accounts, including: Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Brokerage, IRA, 401K, and Mutual Funds. A major benefit is that it integrates income from invoices and expenses from business accounts payable with the new financial accounts giving users simplified and more accurate account and business finance information. Invoices that have been paid can automatically update a financial account reflecting a deposit to that account. Similarly, the accounts payable expenses can automatically update a financial account reflecting a withdrawl from that account.

The Tax Planning facility gives Ceboa® users the opportunity to estimate their federal and state taxes by quarter and for a given year; and, is intended only to provide a simple estimation for business planning purposes. Tax estimation calculates federal and state taxes based on: income, which is derived from invoiced and paid billable service expenses; and, deductions, which are derived from Accounts Payable expenses. Currently, only California state taxes are supported.

"Ceboa®'s latest features continue our unique support for the independent business professional, and continues to be the only resource tailored to their needs," said Ron Franke. "As an added benefit, the Financial Account Management and the State and Federal Tax Planning facilities are provided at no additional cost for our users that use the Client Accounts or Asset Management packages. These new capabilities will further simplify the business life for our growing number of users, including attorneys, real estate agents, designers, and contractors."

Ceboa® is the only complete web-based solution specifically designed for independent business professionals. Ceboa® users can easily manage personal information, client accounts, invoices, accounts payable expenses, financial accounts, business tax planning, sales leads, suppliers, operational information, and business files - including documents, images, video, and audio. Ceboa® enables independent professionals to easily create business marketing and sales material such as web-page content for the business web site and collateral for e-mail and web distribution. Ceboa® gives its users the freedom to be truly mobile and still have access to the personal, client, business, and operational information that they need when they need it.

"Ceboa® is designed to simplify the life of our users," explained Ron Franke. "Users find that their incomes rise through the use of Ceboa® because Ceboa® simplifies invoice and client expense management and billable recovery as well as reducing the cost of doing business and managing the office. Since Ceboa® is web based, users can easily conduct their business anytime from anywhere using any reasonable web-enabled device. This gives our users maximum control over their business and maximum flexibility."

Ceboa® is wholly owned by Work Informed®, Inc, and was first released in 2006. Work Informed® was founded in 2000 and is privately held with corporate headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. Information about Ceboa® is available at Information about Work Informed® is available at

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